About 19 years ago…

I wrote on my old blog (long since wiped from the servers, but still up on WayBack) that my iPod had a bad hard drive.

Being 2003, iPods were still somewhat mechanical. The old clicky spinning platters in the miniature hard drives weren’t ever too happy to receive a hard jolt while playing music. It’s possible that’s what did mine in.

I did get it repaired and it worked fine. But then, a few years later, I became entranced by the iPod Gen 5, aka the “iPod Video.” I promptly sold my original iPod and bought one. That sucker was my commute and travel companion through four different jobs.

It too, eventually died. I never got it repaired. It’s been languishing away in a box, in a drawer, in the garage for quite a while…

But no longer!

With Apple discontinuing the entire iPod line (killing the device that saved them, *sigh*) I decided to see what could be done with my dead iPod. As it happens, quite a lot.

So, in approximately 2 to 3 weeks, my old iPod Video will return to me with:

    • a new battery
    • a solid state hard drive
    • a new front face, and
    • a new Wolfson DAC!

As a guy who knows his hearing will eventually fade, I’d like to pump as much good quality sound into my ears as possible… as soon as possible!

I can’t wait.