So, about 25 years ago…

I bought this domain. It wasn’t my first choice.

See, at the time, I was addicted to Space Ghost Coast to Coast. My original domain was actually Zorak.Com. I was all about the villains on the show. But after a few years, Cartoon Network came calling. Rather than claiming that I was infringing upon their works, they realized that my site was free publicity. Still, the name “Zorak” is one of their trademarks, so they wanted to buy the domain from me. I could keep posting audio clips from the show (which is what I mainly did at the time) but would need a new domain.

Keeping true to my original Zorak theme, I purchased, backed up my old site onto a firewire drive, sold, dumped all of my previous work onto the new domain (hosted by what was then “Midphase Electric”) and I’ve been up here ever since.

For probably the better part of the last decade, I’ve mostly ignored this site. Sure, I upgraded from Moveable Type to WordPress years ago, but not many posts.

When I was seriously posting, it was mostly hyperbolic posts about my boring daily life.

…I might do that again.